36 Weeks Check-Up

I am still 35 weeks and 2 days but my 36 weeks pre-natal check was scheduled this morning. It was early and ever since got preggy I didn't like getting up early. I usually get out of bed around 8am - 9am unless I have an important appointment to attend like this. I also chatted early with my sister. It was night time in the Philippines and I am glad I can now have access to talk or see them online.

Anyways, my check up went well. Our DD#1 was so behaved while I was being examined. I had the GBS check which I will know the result in my next visit. Two nurse practitioners saw me today instead of an OB0-Gyne. They're very nice and gentle. They asked me lots of questions and since I don't have any concerns as of now I didn't stay long in there. The heartbeat of the baby is excellent and she's already head down position but face up according to the nurse. She even said that we may have a thumb sucker according to her position right now. I also had an IE. It's not a comfortable feeling at all but she's checking my cervix. It is thinning since I'm almost due but still closed which it is should be at this time. I am feeling the Braxton-Hicks contraction more often now :-)

After the exam I went to the Admission office of the hospital to do the pre-admission paper work process. I remember when we had our DD#1, me and hubby did the pre-admit thing. It's not a hard process though. When everything was all set, me and our DD#1 went straight home. Had our lunch and cooked dinner early. Now my friends are calling and planning for a met up in one of our friend's apartment. We will bring the food that we prepare for dinner and have an impromptu salo-salo. I have to remember not to eat too much though to avoid the heart burn and indigestion at night when I go to sleep.



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