Our DD @ 34 Months

Our 34 month old like playing pretend now and loves to dress up. When she wake up in the morning she will go to her closet and get a dress or anything that she fancies to wear. I left her yesterday at my friend's and when I got there after doing my errands our DD and her friend AJ both were in a dance wear. My friend said that their playing dress up and were dancing. I guess this summer I may have to enroll her back in a dance class. At least hubby will be here already.

Another thing I need to look into is looking for pre-school for her. I already checked out the ones nearby but I have to wait for hubby's decision in April if we are going to move or not. We both wanted her to be enrolled this September so hopefully there'll be a decision by then. As to her preparedness for school, I think she'll be okay. She loves to be with other kids, love to learn new things, she can identify all the letters in the alphabet and she can count 1-10. She also like to read now than before. I need to bring her more to the library and make her love books more. I am doing my best of reading to her everyday not only at night before bed.

By next month she'll be a big sissy and I hope she can easily adjust of having another baby in the house. Right now she is very sweet and every morning when she wake up she don't forget to say good morning sissy and touch my tummy. She love kissing my tummy as well. I know there will be sibling rivalry but I am praying she'll be cooperative to me since it will be the three of us after two weeks when their Dad return overseas. I am now looking at how handful everything will be but I know everything will be alright :-)



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