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Last night we were at a friend's house for dinner. During the course of our chit chatting one friend mentioned that she just went to an eye doctor to have her prescribed an eyeglasses because she can't read anymore fine prints and can't see at a distance. The prescription was very costly that she put off getting the pair of eyeglasses yet. Another friend just got her contact lenses a week ago and it costs her around $300 or so.

So, I mentioned to them about Zenni Optical where you can get prescription eyeglasses online at a way cheaper price than what they are getting right now. In fact, I read an article at wherein a satisfied customer narrated his satisfaction about Zenni. You can read the full article here. This satisfied customer has been using Zenni for eight years now for all his prescription and he's never been let down by them. He is so appreciative of the services as well as the quality of products that Zenni offers.

My friends said they will look for it online and see about Zenni eyeglasses. I told them that what made Zenni eyeglasses so cheap is that they manufacture their own products. They don't sell expensive or inexpensive brand names but their own. That made a big difference in prices. In this economy where you have to pinch down your penny, Zenni's prescription eyeglasses is really a deal. This is why if ever I need one in the future I will be going to them for my eyeglasses.



Mr.t said...

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