First Spring 2010 Outing

(Eating our dessert before heading home)

Yesterday was the official start day of the spring season and we had a nice weather. The highest temperature was at 66 degree. Me and my friends decided to go to the park. It was kind of an impromptu decision. We brought some foodies for the park picnic. One friend brought in fried milkfish and fried dried fish (yeah and it's danggit), another friend brought roasted chicken, I brought in dessert and others rice and drinks. Since there were no more tables available we set up on the ground. We had fun eating with our hands (kinamot) even though we have silver wares. The kids can't wait to go play so we decided to move and look for a closer location to the play area.

At the later part of the afternoon the wind started to pick up and it got nippy. We ended up having our dessert before we hit home. It was a nice day to start the spring season. Hoping for a great weather soon where we no longer need our thick or fleece jackets. I am so tired of bundling up every time we go out. It takes time and effort :-)



虎年 said...
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burn said...

I believe that you had a great time with your friends.

btw, thanks for the drop.

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