Weekend Happenings

Nothing much happened on our weekend. We literally just stayed home most of the time. Went out to store to get few stuffs, did a little errands and then Sunday we went to church. The church service was great and it was centered on the family. The feeling was so overwhelming you can't help but cry. I learned that Sunday was that if you feel the burden and you are afraid, the Lord said "I GOT YOU".

Anyways, our DD knew that if it's Sunday it's church day and she can wear nice, pretty dress. She get to pick her attire and wants Mommy to compliment her all the time :-) When we were in the car going to church she exclaimed, "I like it going to church Mommy!" "I like the singing". I think she is just very appreciative of the things she get to see and experience. It is nice hearing it from a little toddler like her. I am glad she like going to church too because she is behave inside and I don't have to worry of her running around. She listens, dances and claps her hands when it is time to. I only have to bring her something to snack on though, especially drink since the service sometimes lasts for couple of hours :-)



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