Fun at the Park

Last Saturday the weather was really nice. The highest temperature were at 61 degree. I did my errands wearing only light jacket. Our DD even took off her jacket and was only wearing a sleeveless blouse and capri pants. I think kids can tolerate colder temps than adults, in my opinion based on how our DD behaves. That day also was the Barrio Fiesta at St. Martin's University hosted by the Fil-Am students in cooperation with the Fil-Am community here in our area. I was thinking of going but have to finish my errand for the week. My friends who went there just bought me some Filipino food and was really delish.

Later in the afternoon we decided to meet up at the park. Even if it's still winter, that day the park was full. Kids enjoyed playing around. Our DD is scared to ride on the swing but I let her and she was holding on to me like a hawk :-) I told her that it's ok until she let go but still looked scared. Hopefully in the future she'll be brave enough to ride on the swing. Her favorite is the slide. She's not afraid to slide even the longer ones. She also like to climb up ladders and the rope jungle but I did not let her since she's still a tiny one. The bigger kids were just so fast I'm afraid she'll be bumped around. I think the next park visit for her will be when Daddy is here since I got easily tired following her around :-) I don't want my water broke running after her at the park :-)



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