Our Easter Sunday Celebration

We had a great Easter Sunday though there's just me and our DD. We went to church and had an Easter brunch after the service in a Filipino restaurant. The daughter said she loves going to church :-) We woke up early for the early service and she ended dozing off inside the church. She woke up when it was about 20 minutes before the service ended. The service started at 10am and ended at 12 noon. Then I went ahead and reserve a table for the Easter brunch. The food was great and we both had fun; taking pictures while in our table :-)

Our DD, my little helper. When we go out she always ask me the umbrella. She wanted to bring something too. When I am not using her stroller and I will bring the trash bag in going out, she wants to help carry the bag as well. Then she will say "it's heavy", but still continue to help me carry the bag :-)

Anyways, the picture above was taken while on our way to church yesterday. It wasn't raining although was a gloomy day so she was able to walk to the carport and not in her stroller. She likes it when she can choose to walk.



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