DD2 @ 3 Months

Wow our baby turned three months already :-) She's growing fast. Every day I make sure to enjoy everything with her. My two little girls are my life and the days that pass cannot be brought back again so I better enjoy and savor it. Their daddy misses a lot of their growing moments because of his work but we are making sure they don't feel that void. Hubby get to see and talk to them everyday online and it'd the best way to nothing.

Now that she's three months old, there are so many firsts already. I can play with her or her big sister and she can reply with her cute smile and giggles. She moves a lot now and is trying to put everything she can hold on to her mouth. She can already sleep long stretches at night and during her naps as well. She is still very sensitive and cry easily when over stimulated. She can enjoy her bouncer or gym mat but make sure to take her out not longer than 15 minutes or she'll cry inconsolably.



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