My Girls

Every day I can't forget to thank the Lord for my two angels. I am so blessed when they came to our lives and I will do everything to give them a healthy life. Me and hubby are planning of different ways to prepare for their future. It is my prayers that they will become a good citizen and God-fearing individual.

Our DD2 is growing so fast and I can't believe how she was able to hold up her head, talk and smile, stand up when you hold her up and other developments appropriate for her age. It so amazing seeing her development. Even though I already experienced it with our DD1 but still the amazement and happiness is like it's something new.

I am also happy that DD1 is very good to her little sister. I can see that she is a very protective big sister. When her friends, the older kids, wanted to play with her little sissy she will tell them to be gentle. She love to kiss her and hold her hands. She never fail to tell her lil sis i love you as well.

Everyday at home even I am so tired of doing everything by myself but seeing them is a joy. I get stronger everyday because of them. They are my strength and inspiration. I have so much hopes and plans for them and I am praying all the time for it.



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