Picky Eater

I am having problem with our toddler when it comes to giving her food. Lately she is very difficult to feed. She know how to feed herself but if I let her be she will not touch her food. So I ended up feeding her and use different tactics just so she will eat. What I do is letting her choose what she want to eat. I give her options or choices of foods. She can choose and then if she finished eating it she will get a choice of dessert. She liked it but sometimes I have a hard time too coz she will not chose the food that I have for her instead she will go to the pantry and try to choose one from there.

I find it funny at times but I swear it is hard too. As a mother we need to go down to their level and understand everything that our toddler wants and also explain in their language everything as well. When she was two years old I was very happy that it wasn't terrible two years. She's very behaved and seldom that she will have tantrums. I am so proud of her because ever since she became a toddler I did not experience or see her having a meltdown inside the store or anywhere else. Hopefully I will never see it ever.

But back to my picky eater, I am trying to research on different food that I need to offer our toddler. Good thing there are websites that gives information about it. I also bought a recipe book for toddlers. I just hope in the days to come her love of food will improve.



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