Wish We Have a Curbside Mailbox

Living in an apartment has it's advantages and disadvantages. There are the financial aspects, maintenance as well as some perks and what not. Ever since I got here in the US I only live in an apartment. So I kind of get used to it already and somewhat knows what to expect especially if we are looking for one when it's time for us to move to anther duty station.

One thing that I do wish to have though even if we are living in an apartment complex is to have a curbside mail box. Right now the mailboxes in our complex is located in one area far from our building. It is situated in a gazebo-like building right inside the entrance gate. If I am not out and about for the day it entails a lot of effort to go out and check our mails. Whereas having the curbside mailboxes you just run out to the curb of your building and get your mails.

Often times also there are mails that belongs to other tenants that I get. I believe it is because of the unit numbers being mixed up. Just like the other week, I did not bother to check the mails I got and when I reached our unit it so happen that one mail is not ours. So I went back out to put the mail in an outgoing box. If only we have the curbside mail boxes then I won't walk far out with our girls in tow returning the mail. This happens all the time and I can't wait to have our own mail box when we have our very own house.



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