Looking for Preschool

Our three year old is now ready for preschool. I have been looking for schools near our area even before I gave birth. I also went to some for open houses but until now we haven't decided which school we are going to enroll DD1.

My first choice before was the Catholic school not far from where we live but they easily get full. We're on waiting list on there though. Then there is one mini-skool so near our apartment complex but it is very expensive. Good thing with them though is we can also register our DD2 for day care. It will be very convenient for dropping and picking up the kids.

There is one school that a friend recommended but its far from where we live. This morning I called another preschool that my friends also referred. I inquired about their services and they are still enrolling. Their rate is by far the most inexpensive among the schools I inquired. My friends also told me that they have good programs and nice teachers. So when hubby gets here it will be one of our priorities, visiting the schools for classes is soon to start.



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