DD1 is Back to School

I am very glad that our DD1 is already well. She's back in school this afternoon and I can tell she was very excited. I told her early in the morning she'll go back to school and she can't wait. I really don't want her to be absent but we don't want her classmates to get cough and colds from her.

As we arrived at her school she immediately hung her backpack and jacket then she went inside her classroom after kissing me goodbye. She never cried at all. I think she already outgrown that separation anxiety. I hope it will not change.

When I picked her up they were ath their school playground. She did good with the swing and not as scared of it as before. She also became confident in climbing up at the wall. While inside the playground, I saw her picked wild flowers near the fence. When her teacher called her to go home she ran to me and handed me two small yellow flower. She said it's for me and her daddy. She is very sweet and thoughtful. I wish and pray she'll stay the same for always.



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