Playing Doctor for Halloween

Guest post written by Tina Fowler.

My son is really excited about the idea of becoming a doctor when he grows up and he's really smart so I think that he can pull it off. Plus, it would be nice to have a doctor at all of our family functions. But for now he's just going to dress up like a little doctor for Halloween this year.

We didn't have hardly any of the things that we need for his costume, so I started looking onlien for it almost a month ago with my clear wireless internet. It's a good thing that lab coats aren't really that hard to come by and I was able to find one pretty easily. Then I even made a fake doctor badge for him and bought some little laminate paper and a clip to clip it onto his lab coat.

Finding a little fake stethoscope was a lot harder, but I tracked down one through a little kids play doctors kit that I just ended up ordering offline. HeÕs going to be such a cute little doctor!



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