DD2 @ 5 Months

Exactly today our DD2 turned five months old. I am so proud of her and her milestones. She is just growing fast but still remain a feisty little one from ever since she was born. She still cries a lot and now she always want to be with Mommy.

Her milestones includes laughing, giggling when she's tickled, she can roll over and tries to push with her legs, grabbing everything she can get hold of, not liking the bottle very much, she says bababa and mamama when she is crying and wakes up very early and babbles away in bed. As to her sleeping time, she can already sleep in longer stretches.

I think right now because of her teething she is often grumpy. She is really letting us know with her discomfort. Tomorrow she will have a pedia appointment for her follow up weight check. I hope she is now back on track. As parents we only wish that our little ones are healthy. I am just glad that despite with the concern on her weight gain she is very much active and healthy.



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