Preferred Tiles

My friend who recently moved to their own house told me that she's very glad they were able to choose fixture for their house when it was built. I think this is very common if you choose a newly constructed house. You can select or opt to upgrade fixture and furniture as well as choose the products you want for your future abode.

I like the idea of having to choose because you are the one who will live in the house and most of us wanted to have the perfect one for our first place. When me and husband talk about our future place I would tell him my preferences even the tiles to be used as back splash for the kitchen and bathroom tiles. The color of the cabinets and counter tops, as well as the type of appliances.

Talking about tiles, I don't like big subway tiles. I prefer the smaller ones and for the back splash I like the shine of the glass tiles. There are just so many wants I like for our first place. But I know we have to be realistic. We can always make an upgrade in the future though if we can't have the perfect one.



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