Growth Spurt and Teething

I believe our DD2 is experiencing growth spurt again. She likes to be fed always and is a sleepy head. According to the forums I frequented to read about baby's developments their babies her age also going through the same. One thing also that I noticed is her bowel became irregular. This is the first time that she goes for two days without bowel movement. I am concerned because this is the first time. If ever she will not go tomorrow then I will definitely consult the doctor on Wednesday during her check up.

On another note, she is now rooling alot. It is because she is teething. She love biting or putting everything she can get hold of to her mouth. I feel that she is not comfortable with the pain she is feeling with teething but I am hoping she'll be a trooper when it really comes out. I didn't start feeding her solids yet since I wanted to wait until next month. Accordingly, six months is ideal to preven food allergies. But I noticed she like to eat already since she look at us intently during meal times and she chews too as if she is eating something. Depending on her pedia's recommendation on Wednesday we may try giving her something. I am so excited for the coming milestones for her next month. Babies just grow up very fast and every day should be treasured because it will not happen again.



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