Our Girls

Our Daddy is outnumbered here at home. Of course, since he's the only thorn among the roses here. He always say too many girls here. I can't imagine how it will be like when our two little girls grow up. I am picturing about us going to the salon having our girl's day out and just bonding together.

I know it's still a long way to go. But in a way I kind of scared because they are girls and we need to teach them properly on how to act outside our house. No parents wants their kids to be in harms way and it is always my prayer that they will be guided.

I am in a way conservative and so is my husband. When we are talking about our girls hubby would say jokingly that he need to buy a shotgun to protect our girls. It is his way of showing how protective he is. I believe that with proper guidance and constant communication with our kids they'll be good. We just have to continue giving them love and care. Show to them our understanding but being firm as well especially in disciplining them.



Raquel said...

mads, isog jud diay og dugo imong bana kay ang mga buhok sa imong tsikiting kay copy jud sa imong bana. he-he... i like curly hair kung taas mads.

bitaw, naa ra jud na sa pag desiplina ug maymay sa atong anak. ato lang jud sila i-guide sa insakto. kami gani mads kay 12 pa lang akong edad ug akong mga igsoon pod, kami2x lang nagpuyo sa CDO kay didto na mi gipa eskwela. tulo mi ka babaye og wala man mi nangabuntis nga nag eskwela pa.

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