Buying Clothes for My Girls

It is one of my weakness to shop clothes for my girls. I told myself not to buy every time we go to the mall since they grow fast and the clothes I'm buying will not be worn that much. Even until now I still love buying baby clothing for our 9-month-old little girl. Their clothes are just too cute and I can't get enough for my little one.

Aside from buying their apparel in our favorite stores, I also go online to shop. What I like in online shopping is the convenience. I tried different websites as well as the online sites for our fave stores. I even bookmarked sites that I really like. My husband told me not to bookmark it so I will not be tempted every time.

This year I am giving myself limit every month to only get stuff for the girls once a month unless it is really necessary. I have to do it in order for me not to go over budget and waste money to unnecessary stuff. So far they are good wit clothing and stuff. I may have to wait for spring to get them bigger clothes for that season.



shengy said...

nice..i love shopping for my nieces and nephews

GoodiesNBadies said...

we have the same goal..we need to be practical always

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