DD2 @ 10 Months

This picture was taken when DD2 was just 8-month-old. This was our morning routine then. She was just learning to crawl on her tummy. Her big sister love to play with her on the floor. She is the one who give the little one toys to play with.

It is so amazing how they changes from day to day. Right now she don't crawl on her tummy anymore but on her hands and knees. She is already 10-month-old, and she can pull herself up. She use edges of our couch, coffee table, bed, and even legs of anything to hold on to.

She is now learning to take some steps while holding on to furniture. She is aggressive but cautious little one. I know this is also the time of bumps and falls and I am glad that DD1 is very protective and watches her every time she is on the floor. DD1 call me up when her little sister is picking up small things or call my attention when she sees little sissy is somewhat in danger to her eyes.

It would be fun to watch later on when both sisters can play together and converse to each other while doing their activities. Hubby said to expect little fights from here and there, but I know it is typical to siblings. We'll see though how they're going to deal to each other once they're a little both older.



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