Our DD2 Turned 1 On April

I wasn't able to post anything about our two lovely girls the past weeks. Last month our DD2 turned 1-year-old and we can't be happier of her milestones. She is growing fast and we are very happy with her development. Along the way there were some trials regarding her weigh issue but everything is settled now and other worries were being ruled out.

For her birthday celebration, we did not really had a grand one. We just invited few of our friends and the celebration went well. I think everybody enjoyed especially the kiddies. Our DD1 will not be able to remember her 1st birthday but she can have pictures to look in to when she is old enough.

Below is her picture when we were coaxing her to play or eat with the cake that was meant for her. But we were waiting so long that she did not touch it with her hands. When I tried to dip her fingers into the icing she was shaking her head. I gave her a spoon and she started scooping the cake but did not put it in her mouth.



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