Our 4 Year's Old

Last May our DD1 turned 4 year's old. We can't believe how time flies and now we have a soon to be kindergartener. She is growing healthy and she is mama's little helper. She is a good older sister as well. We can't thank God enough for bringing her to our lives.

Her first year of preschool ended yesterday and this coming school year she will still go to the same preschool. We are still thinking of where she will enroll for kindergarten. The next school year she will go to school three times a week and only half a day. I registered her for a morning class to prepare her for kinder and grade school. She usually wakes up around 9AM and I need to train her to wake up before that to prepare her for school. This means early morning wake up time for me as well.

I think if you become a Mom there are many things that you thought you cannot do or will not be able to do that you will do no matter what. Even if it is a trial and error thing. I would say I am not a perfect mother but I am doing my best to become the best for them. It is always my prayer and hope that they will grow to be responsible citizen and become successful in life.



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