Kids Dental Appointment

On October 4 I brought the kids to their dental appointment. DD1 first had her teeth cleaned and polished. She did really great. The hygienist did not have a hard time getting the x-ray and cleaning her teeth. Even the dentist who checked her teeth after did not take long to see her teeth because she was very cooperative.

For DD2, it was her first time. She is 17-month-old so I was expecting she will cry and won't open her mouth. One thing that will really make her cry though was when I will ask her to open her mouth especially if she is eating and have a big bite of food. So when the dentist ask her to open her mouth, at first she was hesitant. I was helping her and with a little prodding, she opened her mouth and the hygienist was able to polish and put fluoride on her teeth.

The dentist visit was great with no crying babies. They did great and they deserved the stuffed toys that they got from the dental office. I am so proud of them and I am hoping for next visits DD2 will be used to it already.



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