Toy Train for Christmas

If you asked kids, especially the boys, what they want for Christmas, I bet the most popular response would be toys. They might specify too what kind of toy they wanted and put them in their wish lists. And they can run a long list if you encourage them too, aren’t they? Just like my nephew N. He wanted a toy train complete with the buses and tracks and of course it should also run around those tracks.

At you can find variety of vehicles and toy trains from different manufacturer. You can find Athearn, Bahmann, Walthers, Microtrain, and others. My nephew wanted the Learning curve Thomas and Friends toy train. He is a Thomas and Friends fan that’s why he wanted it.

They also have different models of railroad and raceway vehicles which is very nice to give as gifts. Their prices are comparatively low and you have many items to choose. Below is some picture of the toy trains that I am deciding on. Which do you think is the best?



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