Shiloh's Playtime Picture #7

Shiloh's Pediatrician told me that I have to introduce more developmental exercise to her since she is now in a stage that they can respond and able to follow what you are going to tell them. Stimulating their motor skills and language skills is very important in their development. I know that all mothers wants their children to develop normally and we will do everything for them to have a good, normal childhood. So I bought her toys that will let encourage to learn and explore more.

She seemed like interested to play the piano since I can notice her tapping the keys and flipping to the plastic song notes. Everytime she is on the floor she would always go first to her baby grand piano toy before she touches her other toys.

Trying to bite her first ball but she just couldn't. Sure it is much, much bigger to fit in her little mouth :-)

And when it roll she can't help but smile but closes her eyes when the flash stroked her. That's my little girl in her blue jeans.



Vanniedosa said...

cute baby!:)

2cents said...

so cute Bless....musta?

Utah Mommy said...

Aguy ka cute sa bata woi nagpiyong man lingaw kaayo sya sa iyang dula2 Bless. Sus di lang mahibal an ang panahon ba dako na si shiloh woi. Ayo ayo bless happy monday! naa tuod koy tagay nimo bilin lang nako sa imong tagbaord ang link aron ma click nimo. Salamat daan!

""rare jonRez"" said...

ahahaha kalinga woi!

cute kaau smile ni shiloh Bless!

kookie said...

musta dhay bless, thx sa paglabay sa akong balay ..hala daku na imo bb diha dagan2 na na..asus avery adorable liwat

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