Daddy and Me Bonding Time

This is what my husband told me that he misses, on the floor playing with her daughter. This was taken on the night when he got home. I let her be with her Dad so she will be used to be with him. They are having fun playing and she gives out a heart laugh when Daddy tickles her. I thought she will cry if I leave her with him but thankfully not. She is still Daddy's little girl.



Lou said...

Very sweet. Your daughter will be so proud of her Dad.


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Pinay WAHM said...

Your Hubby is back already? Oh my how did I miss your entry on that?

Anyway, I hope I'm not too late to welcome him back. I'm sure you will be busy bonding...and it looks like Shiloh is not wasting anytime making Daddy busy with playtime. Good girl!

Happy Friday and enjoy the Family weekend...


Ras said...

Is your husband serving in Iraq or Afghanistan? Hopefully when or if Barack Obama becomes president, he'd bring back all the troops home. Godspeed to you and your family!!

Jean Marie said... sweet.

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