Shiloh's Playtime Picture #16

She loves to play with bouncing balls. I bought her small and big one. Before she can't hold the big one and everytime she got hold of it she will put it in her mouth. Now she love chasing it, passing it to me and even bouncing it just like the picture above.

We disassembled her exersaucer and made it into this playing S table. Now she can cruise around it. I put it against the back of the couch because it is not as sturdy as I thought to be. One time she was pulling herself up and holding the end and it broke off from where it was connected. She fell and landed her face on top of the other end that broke off. She had a little bruise on her face. The table is an S shape. The other side she don't have a way out but she figure out another way by crawling underneath it. She is now learning and can solve small problem by herself.



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