Wood Sculpture

When we were at the Puyallup fair we saw exhibits of different things. One of which is this wood sculpture which is very cool. They have different sculpture from animals, birds, gnomes, to human models. The coolest thing is they are using a small chain saw to do the job. I am not sure how you call the process but it is what I saw at the fair. They also made the sculpture in different sizes. From the small animal to the largest one. I even saw a dolphin wood sculpture which I forgot to take a picture of.

Me and our DD hop on this animal sculpture, pictured above. It is a big boar and it is swinging when you hop on it like you are riding a bull :-)



Lanie said...

Bless, ang laki na ng baby girl mo! How time fly. How are you guys doing? ^_^

Kateedyd said...

WOW! I'm always amazed at how people can use such big tools to make something so detailed. Wish I was that talented. LOL!

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