Eating Yogurt

The picture above was the taken last week. I gave her yogurt for snack. Usually I am the one feeding her. I don't like giving her the whole cup because she will end up playing with it. From time to time though I let her feed herself but I have to hover beside her to catch the cup or spoon once she toss it on the floor. We have a carpeted floor and I don't like the mess it created.

So when I gave her the yogurt she was shoveling it using her spoon. It was the first time also that she was very messy with food all over her hands, face and bib. I know I have to give her more time to practice and become more independent. I only let her feed herself when she's eating dry cereal, crackers, or other finger food that is dry. When I feed her with fruits, like banana, peaches, watermelon, and others, she will not hold it. She will jerk when touches the fruit and push my hand. She eat it though but just won't hold it. She is so "maarte".



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