DD's Third Dental Visit

When our daughter turned a year old I already brought her to the dentist so her teeth be checked and cleaned. I was concerned back then since her teeth, especially the front ones have stain. I was very glad that after the dentist cleaned and polished it, the stains were gone. The second dental visit was after 6 months. We had it scheduled before we left for Philippines in July 2009. Everything was okay except that she has a small cavity in her molars. The dentist referred us to a Pediatric Dentist so it will be treated immediately. I asked how the treatment is done and I was told she will be put to sleep so they can do the cleaning and filling. She's still 2 years old and I am afraid of having to put her to sleep with anesthesia at a young age. I prefer to wait until she's a little older to have it done.

Her cleaning appointment was on the 26th last month. As usual she was very cooperative. She opened her mouth big but when the dentist spray water and suction it, she did not like it at all. After the cleaning and polishing, DD said, "I don't like the water Mommy; No, no water Mommy". I was glad she complained of it after and did not make a scene during the process. I asked the dentist about the cavity and I was told it's still the same. I told her my plan of waiting and she said it's okay as long as it's not bothering her and I have to take care of her teeth so it will not get worse. My plan is to wait for hubby to be here so we both can be there when that procedure is going to be done.



alleo said...

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Raquel said...

mads, gi require na sa iya mag dental visit? si Maria lagi kay wala pa jud naka visit sa iyang dental maski once. kinahngaln jud mo visit sila mads?

wow, your DD is very cooperative. maayo na gi anad ninyo nga gamay pa sya para dili mahadlok inig ibtan ngipon.

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